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Tucson Weasels

Who Are We?

The Weasels are a Brotherhood/Sisterhood dedicated to the partying lifestyle. We meet, ride to bars, and do day/weekend trips to various places. There are Weasel Chapters all over the United States(soon we will be closing bars Worldwide). We are Truly a Drinking Club with a Motorcycle Problem.

The Weasels believe in total freedom, no dues, no initiation fees, no mandatory meetings, and no major commitments. Were a Brotherhood/Sisterhood built on having fun and riding our bikes. The Weasels do not get envolved in politics of any kind. We are not a club, we are a Social Organization. The Weasles are Neutral and get along with everybody!!

Here is some Basic info about us...

* First off, were NOT a Club/MC. Were a S.O.(Social Organizaion).
* We accept both Men & Women as Members.
* There is NO prospecting, like we said, were NOT A CLUB.
* To avoid drama - No Church Heads, Goody-Goodies, Fags, Road Captins, know-it-all's or Drama Queens.
*We don't care what you do for a living, and are not impressed by your old war stories.
* We are Bikers with Jobs & families, who love to party/ride and share our own vision of Brotherhood.

Our Brotherhood/Sisterhood is strong and and will CONTINUE to thrive. We are always looking for the best of the worst! If your interested in meeting us, send us an e-mail by clicking on "Contact Us" via the main page.

What is a Motorcycle Social Organization?

A Motorcycle Social Organization's purpose is to ride, and have fun. They don't claim territory(othere than our own homes). They allow both men and women to join and are family friendly.